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Fillings and Crowns in Fort McMurray

Timberlea Services Centre provides fillings and crowns for the children in your family.

If your child needs a filling or a crown and are unable to have treatment done with their regular family dentist, our Children's Dentists are able to provide this for them.

Fillings and Crowns




What is the difference between a filling and a stainless steel crown?

A filling is placed when a patient has minor decay. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed and the filling material is placed. There are two main types of filling material, amalgam, the silver filling material and composite, the white filling material. The material used is usually decided based on the type and size of the filling as well as a discussion between the patient or parent and the Dentist.
A stainless steel crown is used for more extensive decay. Primary teeth have thinner enamel which means the amount of decay becomes very large and fast. This is why stainless steel crowns are more common in primary teeth. After the decay is removed, a prefabricated crown made of stainless steel is then fit to the tooth and cemented.

When does my child need a filling?

 “They are just baby teeth, is it really necessary to have my child’s cavities filled?” This is a very common question from a lot of parents. Although, these teeth are only primary teeth and they do fall out, they are very important to maintain for numerous reasons; maintaining proper space for the adult teeth, proper nutrition and the potential to affect the adult teeth if infection is present. Baby teeth are very thin and decay progresses fast so it is important to watch and treat decay as soon as possible. However, if the decayed tooth is loose and close to the normal age of exfoliation, then it is sometimes not necessary to place a filling on this tooth.

What are the benefits of a stainless steel crown?

When a parent is told that their child needs a stainless steel crown, typically the response is negative, because of the esthetic look of a stainless steel crown. However, the reason your Children's Dentist is recommending a stainless steel crown for your child is for the longevity, typically these crowns last until the primary tooth is lost. Many parents believe that the primary teeth aren’t in the mouth for long, however that is not always the case as children typically do not lose their baby molars until 12-13 years of age. Stainless steels crowns are durable but inexpensive and less likely to need retreatment which is a very big benefit for children who need a general anesthetic.

Does my child need sedation for fillings or crowns?

Sedation Dentistry is used if a child is really anxious or if the child needs multiple visits to the dentist, using sedation to achieve dental work will allow the dentist to complete all treatment at one visit. Also, some of the medications used can help the child forget the dental appointment that helps with anxious patients for future dental visits.

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