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Tooth Extractions in Fort McMurray

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.

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Tooth Extractions Fort McMurray

Sedation Dentistry

Tooth Extractions

When does a baby tooth need to be extracted?

Baby teeth are extracted either when they are close to exfoliation and it is not worth investing time and money into restoring the tooth, or when trauma or decay has compromised the tooth and it is unable to be saved. The enamel in baby teeth is very thin which means when decay gets started it usually grows rapidly, and if the decay is not caught soon enough it can travel into the nerve of the tooth. Once it’s reached the nerve of the tooth, this results in infection and ultimately a poor prognosis for that tooth. This is when the Children's Dentist may recommend an extraction instead of restoring the tooth by tooth.

What causes decay in my child’s mouth?

Decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth that attack the enamel and break it down. Decay in a childs mouth can be controlled by proper oral hygiene and diet. It is important to assist your child with flossing and brushing until they are able to do it on their own sufficiently. When it comes to your childs diet, an important thing to remember is to avoid snacking throughout the day as this exposes your childs tooth to multiple acid attacks. It is the high frequency of sugary or acidic foods that can break down the tooth as it does not have a chance to remineralize itself between acid attacks.

Some good snacking options are:

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Vegetables (not potato, corn or yams)
  • Fruit (not bananas or raisins)

    *Always remember carbohydrates have many evils*

Does my child need sedation for their tooth to be extracted?

Choosing sedation for your child is not an easy decision and it is usually decided with the help and recommendation from your Dentist. Sedation in the right circumstances prevents a child from having a bad experience at the Dentist and having a fear long term.

How do I care for my child immediately following a tooth extraction?

Primary teeth extractions are usually fairly straight forward in that they do not require much post-operative care. Your child will more than likely be biting with firm pressure on gauze to stop the bleeding, if there is any. You may also be advised to give childrens Advil or Tylenol as needed for discomfort. Depending on the tooth and the age of your child a space maintainer may be recommended to maintain the space while waiting for the adult tooth to erupt. This will be advised at the time of extraction by the Children's Dentist.

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