Botox Treatments in Fort McMurray

Botox® treatments are quite common and becoming more and more popular for both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. TSC offers Botox Treatments in Fort McMurray.

Botox solutions can have both therapeutic and cosmetic applications by injecting into the skin at specific areas to temporarily relax underlying muscles. Botox® is a naturally purified neurotoxin protein made from bacterium clostridium botulinum. Cosmetically, Botox® is revered for its ability to treat facial wrinkles. What's interesting is that the Botox works ok the muscle that underlies the skin, not the wrinkles themselves.

Cosmetic Botox Fort Mcmurray

Frown Lines

Crows Feet

How Do Dynamic Wrinkles Develop?

As we age, so does our skin! As our skin changes, the collagen that keeps our skin bouncy and full decreases in production, leaving it more susceptible to wrinkles. When the muscles in the face are activated repeatedly, they begin to pull and fold the skin, as is commonly seen in forehead and frown lines. Botox® relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles by blocking the message from the nerve, which creates a smoother appearance to the skin.


How Long Does It Last?

The length of time before Botox® has to be readministered varies from individual to individual, but averages between three and four months.


How is it Administered?

Botox® is injected through a series of injections into the muscle with a tiny syringe. The number of injections required is dependent upon which area is being treated. It is a quick and minimally invasive treatment that delivers results with no downtime. Most patients start to see the effects within 5-7 days however it takes up to two weeks to see the full effect. If required, touch up appointments are recommended after 2 weeks.


Why Have a Dentist Inject Your Botox®?

Dentists have extensive theoretical and working knowledge of the anatomy and muscle structure of the face. For this reason, dentists with the proper training are well-positioned to offer Botox® treatments with a high degree of accuracy, leading to the best outcomes.


What Cosmetic Treatments are Offered at our Clinic?

We are pleased to offer Botox® and Dysport® cosmetic treatments for:

  • Frown lines (glabella)
  • Forehead lines (frontalis)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Brow Lift


What Therapeutic Botox® Treatments are Offered at our Clinic?

Patients who have been assessed and diagnosed with pain and headaches due to nighttime clenching and grinding (bruxism) may benefit from Botox® and Dysport® injections. This treatment stops chronic jaw tightening while at rest and may be used alone or in conjunction with oral medication or oral appliances such as nightguards.


If you have questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

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